Got Lenovo? You DO NOT CONTROL your network!

Let's start from the beginning here, which was the weeks before Superfish announcement.  Let me stress before.  So the first steps in the song and dance routine was reclassifying a number of lines of "business" class computers to consumer class machines, only on their website and obviously hoping nobody would notice.  Of course, they claimed that it was never installed on any business class machines even tho it was verified on their business lines. 

LANLess, the new thinking in network design.

First things first, the original idea here comes from Scott Alan Miller.  The first presentation on the topic can be seen at


LANLess - the word.

Yes, the word.  It encapsulates an idea.  Yes, an idea, nothing more.

LAN - Yes, we're talking about designing a network.  Today this means much more than just a local LAN.